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 T.A.M.E. Financial started in 2019 after two sisters came together with a desire to make a change in the tax industry, after having negative tax experiences themself. We found two barriers in the tax industry, first there was a lack of knowledge in the community and a lack of tax professionals willing to educate the community. T.A.M.E. Financial made it our mission to impact the community in a way that provides education and allows the community to make informed decisions when it comes to tax knowledge.


Anesha, Co-Founder

Hi, I’m Anesha your trusted tax pro. My role at TAME Financial is to help small business owners organize their bookkeeping to run a successful business. I also provide business tax services to ensure that your small business is complaint with IRS filing requirements. Clients might interact with me primarily with phone calls, text messages, or emails. Whichever your preferred contact method is really. Outside of the office, I like to travel, eat lots of sushi, and hang out with my broke bestie a.k.a my daughter.

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toshana, Co-Founder

Hi, I’m Toshana and I focus on individual/ family taxes. Our goal is to provide easy to understand tax knowledge to help you save money in taxes yearly. I’m super easy to get in contact with. Most of my clients like to talk on the phone or meet at our tax office. I maintain a flexible schedule to help meet your needs. Outside of the office, I’m a part time educator and a fulltime mom.

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